Rich in gastronomic variety, Mallorcan cuisine is steeped in in the traditions of its cultural island history.  In true Mediterranean style, typical dishes are made using the freshest seasonal produce available combining home grown fruits and vegetables from the most fertile regions on the island, seafood straight from the Mediterranean Sea, and meats, in particular pork, from which the local favourite sobrassada is made.

Traditional ingredients for which Mallorca is most renowned are olive oil, almonds and wine. Surrounding island landscapes flourish with the many olive and almond groves as well as the beautiful orchards and vineyards of Mallorca. Liqueurs such as hierbas, taken as a digestif after meals, or palo sipped as an appetizer before the meal, are typical of the wines that represent the finest Mallorcan gastronomic culture.

The Lavanda Restaurant at Hotel Cala Sant Vicenç characterises its Mediterranean style dining experience with a tempting menu of Mallorcan specialities. Our Chefs follow the principals of the international ‘slow’ movement of cooking which is respectful of local produce grown in an environmentally friendly way.

The Lavanda Restaurant


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