Bird watching

Situated half way between Northern Europe and the African continent, the island of Mallorca falls below many migratory paths and is a bird watchers’ paradise during the Spring and Autumn seasons.  Visitors to the area are hoping to spot some of the lesser known species that are attracted to the island by the warm climate.

Hotel Cala Sant Vicenç, nestled at the foot of the imposing Serra de Tramuntana mountains, is perfectly positioned for both land and marine bird-watching with many species, including the Balearic Shearwater, Eleanor Hawk and Black Vulture, to be found in the skies above this corner of Mallorca.  The hotel is also just minutes away from the nearest wetlands of the Albufereta near Port de Pollença and the larger nature reserve of Albufera near Alcudia.

Hotel Cala Sant Vicenç offers an unrivalled location and perfect conditions to explore the island and discover the bird life of Mallorca. 


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